Supporting the community

During the past year there has been a rise in parents and local residents coming to the project asking for support on a variety of issues, sometimes in a state of crisis.

Even though we are primarily a youth project we recognise that the community sees NBYP as place where they can ask for help. We try to allocate certain times during the week when workers are available.  NBYP is often their first port of call as they do not know where to go. Language and cultural barriers can cause people to feel isolated and anxious.

Workers have a good knowledge of the many issues within the community so are in prime position to give support or to be able to signpost to a more appropriate agency 

We help parents on various levels:

  • helping to understand official letters they have received

  • Writing C.V.s

  • Applying for jobs

  • Crisis situations

  • Understanding Brexit and the settled status process

  • Passport applications

  • Apostils

  • Navigating the universal credit system

  • Schools admissions

We have food donated from Aldi today. An

Food Donation Schemes


We were invited to become a member of the Neighbourly project which connects local stores that have surplus with charities, community groups and schools that can put it to good use in the community. The redistribution scheme also supports the donation of non-food products including household goods, cleaning products, toiletries, kitchen equipment, furniture and more.

Once a week Aldi store at Westerhope donate good to NBYP which we can then offer to local residents living in North Benwell who are experiencing financial hardship.


As part of the Greggs Unsold Food collection scheme. NBYP have been allocated a food donation once a week from a local Greggs store which again we give out to local residents in need. This includes pies, pasties and sweet bakery products.


Love Your Lanes Partnership

NBYP have been part of Love Your Lanes for the last few years .A collection of community groups  working in the West end to come together to discuss environmental issues and improve outdoor spaces, encouraging local residents to get involved.  Various events have been organised including litter picks, bulb planting along with unique outdoor art creations, painting of back lane gates and creating an information pack in various languages for new residents.

Open family fun events are also organised to bring the community together.