What the Organisation Does

Our Mission Statement:

The objects of the CIO are to help young people up to the age of 25 living in North Benwell ("the area of benefit"), especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

Our Values:

·      Young person led

·         Compassionate

·         Safe

·         Supportive

Our Vision

Our vision is that North Benwell will not be considered disadvantaged or deprived.  We wish to see the young people of North Benwell enjoy the same possibilities of life as their peers in other areas of Newcastle upon Tyne: the young people of North Benwell will generate their own hope for the future and be the agents of their own destinies.

Our Activities:

Engagement work: This enables the NBYP to meet potential users. Engagement is conducted by detached work (meeting young people in the street) and dedicated sports sessions.

Group work: opportunities to explore life and relationship issues and practise life-skills such as planning and organising in a safe environment, as well building self esteem and confidence. These sessions are vey popular with 8-16 year olds.

One-to-one: opportunities for the youth workers to help with very specific current disadvantages for individual users, offering direct support or signposting to more appropriate organisations.

Drop-in sessions: These sessions mean that a young person can speak to workers as and when they feel the need of support or advice, or often when a crisis arises. Often NBYP is a young persons first port of call. 

Holiday programmes: opportunities to gain confidence and participate in something new and rich in learning through more adventurous activities and residential trips

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Our Funders

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Our Staff

Margaret Ridley - Project Coordinator

Lisa Young - Youth worker

Malcolm Wharton (Mala) - sessional worker

Sarah Howe - Sessional Worker

Jennifer Horvathova - Trainee youth worker

Sue Leeder - Administrator

Laura Ward - Volunteer.


Chairperson - Revd Dominic Coad

Glen Foreman - Treasurer

James Garratt

Michael Keller

Kirsty Daniels