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Current  Timetable - Group sessions



  • Little Sparkles (1) 8-11 3.30pm

  • BSB – Boys age 14+ 5.00pm

  • Detached session 6pm


  • Little Sparkles  (2) - ages 8-11 3. 4.00pm.

  • Rainbow Warriors – ages 12 + 5.30pm.


  • Young Drillers 12-14, 4.00pm

  • The Key Projects 4.30pm

  • Older Lads 14+, 5.00-6.00pm

  • Detached session 6.00pm



  • Young Mums 1.00-3.30pm.

  • New mixed Junior Group 8-11, 4.00pm

  • Gucci Gang 1 - Boys ages 8-11,  5.30pm


  • Support for young people 16+

    (job applications, C.V.’s, filling in forms, college      applications, training courses etc) 11am-2pm.

  •     Gucci Gang (2) 8-11, 4.30pm

  • LFN (girls) ages 16+, 5.30pm 





Some of current work includes:
Young Mums Group​

The Mums group currently meet every Thursday afternoon and has been running for 3 years now. It is a relaxed space where young women can meet with or without their children. They can have a coffee and chat, share information and advice, support each other when life seems tough, which can help to reduce feelings of isolation. Importantly the group always manage to have a laugh together. Sometimes they like to cook, take part in arts and crafts or go out to local places of interest.  During the summer holidays NBYP has taken the group on a residential to Beadnell Bay so they can spend time away from their normal day to day routine. Some young women have been supported with online training courses and C.V.s helping them get into employment.  Many of the attendees have attended NBYP when they were younger and have been able to re-engage through the Mums group. They recognise NBYP has remained a place of support as they have become young adults with responsibilities.

East by North East music sessions

NBYP has been part of the East by North East music projects 1 and 2 and we feel privileged to be included in phase 3.  These sessions are led and coordinated by Gem Arts and funded through Youth Music, to support local organisations to offer structured high quality music sessions to young  people delivered by professional musicians.  4 musicians deliver 2 weekly music sessions, Adam and Gil with the boys group and Ashleigh and Rosh for the girls. The.

Group members  have the opportunity to work towards an Arts Award and gain a certificate of achievement for their hard work.

Young people also had an opportunities to share their music to other musicians at The Sage Gateshead as part of the Great Exhibition of the North and EBNE sharing performances.

Education, Employment and Training Support

Fridays 10am-2pm we hold a drop-in session for young people 16+. 

Staff are on hand to offer advice and guidance, help with CV’S or online courses. Over the past year staff have found that the young people who are attending were struggling to decide what to do once leaving school as this could affect their future lives, lacking ambition, feeling they were limited to being cleaners or working in factory’s packing produce. Language and cultural barriers have made it even more difficult for the young people attending NBYP. The one to one sessions can help raise aspirations; improve those with low skills, and those who disengage from education.

Many have had the opportunity to do online training to enhance their C.V. which helps to make them more employable.

We have also supported young people with housing issues, apostils, document identity, opening bank accounts, and navigating the universal credit system.

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